Corey Michael, Senior Financial Analyst

Residing in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Corey Michael is a Senior Financial Analyst, boasting over twenty years of experience in the Finance sector.


Corey is well-versed in a range of financial domains, from financial planning and risk control to strategic development, portfolio oversight, and predicting economic trends.

Career Path

Over the course of his career, Corey has ascended through various leadership roles, refining his financial analysis and strategic planning skills.

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His extensive experience and proven expertise have culminated in his current role as the Senior Financial Analyst and Editor on Ticker Boss.

In this role, Corey guarantees the accuracy of all financial content, a task for which his diverse background is uniquely equipped.

Personal Interests

Outside of his professional commitments, Corey maintains diverse personal interests that enrich his life. He has a deep appreciation for the unique culinary culture of New Orleans, with a particular fondness for local specialties like crawfish po’boys and shrimp etouffee. Beyond gastronomy, he also finds joy in the realm of comedy, considering it a delightful and necessary contrast to his work with financial data and analysis.


In Corey’s own words, “Understanding finance is much more than just a command over numbers or the ability to create spreadsheets. It’s about translating data into insights and leveraging these insights to make strategic decisions that drive growth and efficiency. It’s about assessing risks and devising strategies to mitigate them. The end goal is not just to grow, but to do so sustainably, promoting long-term prosperity and financial stability.”