Charles de Vaulx: Architect of Astute Asset Allocation

Charles de Vaulx: Architect of Astute Asset Allocation

By Charles Joseph | Editor, Financial Affairs
Reviewed by Corey Michael | Senior Financial Analyst

Charles de Vaulx was a renowned French-American investment manager. He was a value investing strategist and a partner at International Value Advisers, a company he co-founded. Known for his exceptional skills in managing global and international value portfolios, he earned high regard in his profession. De Vaulx started his financial career at Société Générale before moving to First Eagle Fund, where he gained fame as a fund manager. His commitment to value investing in an era of technological disruptions set him apart in the industry. In April 2021, De Vaulx sadly passed away, leaving behind an impressive legacy in the financial world.

1. Charles de Vaulx’s Career and Contribution to Investment Management

Charles de Vaulx started his career in finance at Société Générale, a French multinational bank, learning the ropes of investment management. Here, he gained substantial knowledge and experience that laid the foundation for his future success.

His breakthrough came when he joined First Eagle Fund, where he worked closely with the acclaimed investor, Jean-Marie Eveillard. At First Eagle, de Vaulx demonstrated his keen investment sense, managing portfolios that consistently outperformed the market and becoming a famous fund manager in the process.

Wanting to further explore his investment philosophy, de Vaulx co-founded International Value Advisers (IVA) in 2008. As a partner at IVA, he continued to implement his distinctive value investing strategy, contributing greatly to the company’s success. His approach to portfolio management and his impressive track record made him a respected figure in investment management.

2. Value Investing Principles and Strategies of Charles de Vaulx

Charles de Vaulx was a fervent advocate of value investing, a strategy that involves buying securities perceived to be underpriced. This was a principle he stood by throughout his career, shaping his strategy around it.

De Vaulx believed in investing in companies that were undervalued but possessed strong fundamentals and potential for long-term growth. His strategy involved meticulous analysis of a company’s financial health, management quality, and market position before making an investment.

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His knack for spotting opportunities when everyone else saw risk led to his high success rate in investment management. Despite the popularity of tech stocks and high-growth bonds, de Vaulx continued to uphold his value investing approach, often favoring out-of-favour or overlooked stocks that exhibited long-term value.

3. The Legacy of Charles de Vaulx in the Financial Industry

Charles de Vaulx left a significant impact on the financial industry through his unique approach to investment and steadfast dedication to value investing. His work at Société Générale, First Eagle Fund, and IVA earned him recognition as one of the most influential investment managers in his time.

Through his career, de Vaulx provided a roadmap for investors who strive to attain consistent returns in a volatile market. His investment principles continue to act as a guide for many current and upcoming investors, demonstrating the strength and longevity of value investing.

Despite his untimely departure in April 2021, de Vaulx’s insights and expertise continue to influence the financial industry. His legacy persists in his numerous contributions to value investing and the many successful portfolios he managed.


Charles de Vaulx was an exceptional figure in the world of finance, known for his dedication to value investing. His deep understanding of market trends and his unique investing strategies have left an indelible imprint on the financial industry, marking his legacy as an influential investment manager.

Key Takeaways

  • Charles de Vaulx was a prominent figure in the financial sector, renowned for his expertise in value investing.
  • His career spanned across Société Générale, First Eagle Fund, and International Value Advisers, where he contributed significantly towards portfolio management.
  • De Vaulx’s investment strategy was characterized by a focus on undervalued stocks offering long-term growth potential.
  • Despite trends favouring fast-growing tech stocks, de Vaulx remained consistent in his commitment to value investing.
  • The legacy of Charles de Vaulx continues to influence current and future investors, underscoring the lasting impact of his unique approach to investing.

Related Questions

1. How did Charles de Vaulx begin his career in finance?

He started his journey in the finance world at Société Générale, a notable French multinational bank. This experience laid a strong foundation that was instrumental to his successful career in investment management.

2. What are the fundamentals of Charles de Vaulx’s investing strategy?

De Vaulx’s investment strategy was grounded in value investing. He focused on companies that were undervalued but displayed strong fundamentals, promising long-term growth.

3. How did Charles de Vaulx’s investment approach compare to market trends?

While many investors chased high-growth tech stocks, de Vaulx stayed true to his value investing approach. He often favoured overlooked stocks that demonstrated long-term value over popular choices.

4. What is the impact of Charles de Vaulx on the financial industry?

De Vaulx left a profound influence on the financial industry, particularly in the field of investment management. His unique approach to investing and his commitment to value strategies shaped his legacy as a highly respected investment manager.

5. How did Charles de Vaulx influence future investors?

Through his work, Charles de Vaulx provided a guide to achieving consistent returns in fluctuating markets. His principles and strategies continue to inform and steer the work of current and aspiring investors, highlighting the effectiveness of value investing.