Guy Spier: Scintillating Star of Smart Stocks

Guy Spier: Scintillating Star of Smart Stocks

By Charles Joseph | Editor, Financial Affairs
Reviewed by Corey Michael | Senior Financial Analyst

Guy Spier is a well-respected figure in the finance and investment industry. Born in South Africa, he completed his education at Oxford University and Harvard Business School. After a short time on Wall Street, which he didn’t particularly enjoy, Spier relocated to Zurich, Switzerland, where he currently manages the Aquamarine Fund, an investment fund modeled after the principles of value investing guru Warren Buffet.

Spier believes strongly in ethical investment and has authored “The Education of a Value Investor”, a book detailing his journey in finance and exploring his investment philosophy. The book also delves into his well-known lunch meeting with Warren Buffet, a defining moment in Spier’s career. Despite his successes, Guy Spier remains grounded, continually advocating for integrity and humility within the often cutthroat world of high finance.

1. Educational Background and Early Career

Guy Spier, a native of South Africa, embarked on his educational journey at some of the world’s prestigious institutions. After completing his high school education, he advanced to Oxford University, where he completed a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics. From there, he then attended Harvard Business School, further fortifying his knowledge in the field of finance.

Upon earning his MBA, Spier entered the fast-paced world of Wall Street. He worked as a security analyst, which gave him hands-on investing experience and a deep understanding of the industry. But despite these opportunities and the potential for significant financial success, Spier felt disenchanted by the culture of Wall Street. His ethics and value-centric approach to investing struggled to find steadiness in this environment. This sparked his decision to leave Wall Street and chart out his own course in the world of finance.

2. Aquamarine Fund

In search of a more meaningful and values-aligned approach to investing, Spier moved to Zurich, Switzerland, where he established the Aquamarine Fund. This investment fund draws its principles from the strategy adopted by Warren Buffet, employing a value investing approach that centers on buying securities undervalued by the market.

Under Spier’s management, the Aquamarine Fund has seen sustained success. The fund’s performance largely stems from Spier’s disciplined, long-term perspective on investing and deep research into companies. Spier’s ability to identify lucrative investments, particularly in undervalued companies, has helped secure strong returns for the fund.

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3. The Education of a Value Investor

An integral part of Guy Spier’s work is his book, “The Education of a Value Investor”. Published in 2014, the book takes its readers on Spier’s investing journey, shedding light on his investment philosophy shaped by his experiences and personal growth.

In this candid narrative, Spier offers insights into a life-changing lunch with Warren Buffet, which had a profound impact on his career and investing strategy. Interestingly, instead of just discussing the technicalities of investing, Spier also explores themes like personal transformation and the importance of integrity and humility in the field of finance. The book serves as an inspiration to both seasoned and aspiring investors who subscribe to Spier’s value-centric style of investing.


Guy Spier, with his illustrious career, stands as a stellar example of an individual who prioritizes ethics over earnings. His career arc, his management of the Aquamarine Fund, and his profound insights shared through his book leave a significant impact on the field of value investing, proving that success can and should be achieved while maintaining integrity and humility.

Key Takeaways

  • Guy Spier is a renowned figure in the finance world known for his value investing philosophy, and he runs the Aquamarine Fund.
  • Spier’s values clashed with the Wall Street culture, leading him to set up his firm in Zurich, Switzerland.
  • Spier was educated at Oxford University and Harvard Business School, which gave him a solid foundation in economics and finance.
  • With “The Education of a Value Investor”, Spier shares the experiences and insights that have shaped his career.
  • The book not only delves into Spier’s investment strategy but also stresses the importance of personal transformation, integrity, and humility in finance.

Related Questions

1. What led Guy Spier to start the Aquamarine Fund?

Spier wanted to implement a value investing strategy similar to Warren Buffet’s that he couldn’t apply on Wall Street, so he started the Aquamarine Fund in Zurich, Switzerland.

2. What is unique about Guy Spier’s investment approach?

Spier’s investment approach is based on value investing principles. He focuses on finding and investing in undervalued companies, which he believes offer the best long-term return potential.

3. Where did Guy Spier receive his education?

Spier was educated at Oxford University and Harvard Business School, where he studied Politics, Philosophy, and Economics and earned an MBA, respectively.

4. What is Guy Spier’s book all about?

“The Education of a Value Investor” is Spier’s account of his journey as an investor. The book details his experiences, personal transformation, and the crucial lessons he has learned over the course of his career.

5. What are some key beliefs that guide Spier’s career and life?

Spier has consistently emphasized the importance of ethics, integrity, and humility in business. He believes in creating value while maintaining these principles, a philosophy that has shaped his approach to investing and management.