Nick Train: Transcending Trends with Tenacity

Nick Train: Transcending Trends with Tenacity

By Charles Joseph | Editor, Financial Affairs
Reviewed by Corey Michael | Senior Financial Analyst

Nick Train is a well-known figure in the finance and investment world. He co-founded a reputable investment management firm, Lindsell Train, in 2000. Prior to this, he gained a wealth of experience at various prestigious financial institutions. Known for his long-term and low turnover investment strategy, he’s garnered significant attention for his focus on high-quality companies. Aside from his work, Nick is also a fervent enthusiast of the value investing approach, taking influence from globally renowned investors such as Warren Buffet. From managing funds to providing expert financial insights, Nick Train’s contribution to his field is quite substantial. His expertise and knowledge position him as a highly respected voice within the finance and investment industry.

1. Nick Train’s Investment Philosophy and Strategies

Nick Train is often recognized for his unique application of the “buy and hold” investment strategy. He focuses on acquiring stakes in high-quality, stable and reputable businesses, and then holds onto these investments for the long term.

The crux of Train’s investment strategy is his emphasis on low turnover. He rarely sells his holdings, subscribing to the belief that the greatest returns come from companies held over a long period. This approach is often considered unconventional in a finance world that generally thrives on active trading.

Train also values firms with strong brand recognition and pricing power in their respective markets. He holds steadfast to the philosophy that investing in companies with these traits can deliver superior long-term returns.

His style has frequently been compared to that of Warren Buffett, one of the world’s most successful investors and a major proponent of value investing, which further underscores Train’s preference for long-term, high-quality investments.

2. Co-founding of Lindsell Train: Impact and Contribution

Nick Train, alongside Michael Lindsell, established the investment management firm Lindsell Train in 2000. The firm’s foundation was predicated upon the duo’s shared investment philosophy focused on long-term value investing.

Lindsell Train has gained a reputable status within the asset management industry for its distinctive approach to investing. Their unique strategy is largely concentrated around a small number of high-quality and cash generative businesses, often held for an extended duration. Train’s influence was integral in shaping this strategic framework.

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In addition to managing several UK, Global and Japanese equity strategies, the firm also oversees funds like the Finsbury Growth & Income Trust. These outputs reflect the breadth of Train’s investment knowledge in diverse markets.

Under Train’s leadership, Lindsell Train has grown into a highly respected firm. His firm’s successful performance over the years lends credibility to his long-term, patient investment approach, further solidifying his stature in the investment landscape.

3. The Influence of Renowned Investors on Nick Train’s Career

Nick Train’s investment philosophy and strategies show clear influences from globally renowned investors. His value investing approach, for example, mirrors the strategies famously espoused by American investor Warren Buffett.

Similarly to Buffett, Train is a proponent of the ‘buy and hold’ strategy and invests with a long time horizon. He believes in purchasing shares in companies that exhibit quality and stability and then holds these investments for the long term. This approach has led some to refer to him as the ‘British Warren Buffett’.

Train also follows the investment philosophies shared by Philip Fisher, another influential figure in investing. From Fisher, Train derived the importance of investing in well-managed, high-quality companies for a reasonable price rather than hunting for bargains.

Train’s investing approach, which blends the wisdom of legendary investors with his own insights and experiences, has been a significant driver behind his successful career and the solid performance of his investment management firm, Lindsell Train.


Throughout his career, Nick Train has exemplified a unique investment approach firmly grounded in value investing, with a focus on long-term, high-quality bets. His significant contributions, particularly through the co-founding of Lindsell Train, have left an indelible mark on the investment world, making him a standout figure within his industry.

Key Takeaways

  • Nick Train is a highly influential figure within the investment industry and co-founder of the successful investment management firm, Lindsell Train.
  • Train is known for his distinctive “buy and hold” investment philosophy, which emphasizes long-term investments in high-quality, reputable businesses.
  • His unique approach is also reflected in his firm Lindsell Train, which has grown to manage several UK, Global and Japanese equity strategies under his leadership.
  • Train’s investment philosophy has been notably influenced by respected figures within the investment world, including Warren Buffett and Philip Fisher.
  • Train’s long-term, value-focused investment strategies have proven successful throughout his career, earning him the nickname the ‘British Warren Buffett’.
  • Related Questions

    1. What is Nick Train’s investing strategy?

    Nick Train follows a “buy and hold” strategy which entails buying high-quality, stable firms and holding onto them for the long term. He prefers companies with strong brand recognition and pricing power.

    2. What is Lindsell Train known for?

    Lindsell Train, co-founded by Nick Train, is known for its long-term, low-turnover investment strategy. The firm is widely respected for concentrating investments around a small number of high-quality, cash generative businesses.

    3. How is Nick Train’s investing approach influenced by Warren Buffet?

    Like Warren Buffet, Nick Train is an advocate for the ‘buy and hold’ investment strategy. He shares Buffet’s focus on purchasing stakes in quality, stable companies and holding them for prolonged periods of time.

    4. How does Nick Train view the concept of turnover in an investment portfolio?

    Nick Train is known for his low-turnover approach to investing. He believes the greatest returns come from companies held over a long period of time, rather than actively trading positions.

    5. What types of companies does Nick Train prefer to invest in?

    Nick Train tends to invest in companies with solid brand identities, consistent performance, and price resilience. He believes this combination of traits can yield significant returns over the long term.