Robert Arnott: Arranging Assets with Acumen

Robert Arnott: Arranging Assets with Acumen

By Charles Joseph | Editor, Financial Affairs
Reviewed by Corey Michael | Senior Financial Analyst

Robert Arnott is a renowned entrepreneur and writer in the world of finance. He is known as the founder and chairman of Research Affiliates, a global asset management firm. He has also contributed greatly to the field with his research on a spectrum of topics, including strategic asset allocation and the effects of inflation on equities and bonds. His widespread recognition stems from his innovative ideas, such as “fundamental indexation”, a new way to look at index funds. Not limited to his pioneering work, Arnott has also authored several books and over 100 articles in various finance and academic journals. With his expertise and thought leadership, he firmly remains an influential figure in finance.

1. Robert Arnott’s Innovations in Finance

As someone who is no stranger to exploring new possibilities in finance, Robert Arnott has always been known as a forward-thinker in the field. The core of his innovative approach lies in a concept called “fundamental indexation”.

This idea is essentially a new way to manage and understand index funds. Unlike traditional index funds which are weighted by market capitalization, fundamental indexation weighs securities based on bases such as dividends, sales, earnings, and book value. This method challenges the traditional view by suggesting that securities shouldn’t be weighted by their popularity, but rather by their economic footprint.

Arnott’s fundamental indexation approach has created a significant impact in finance. It has offered investors an alternative way to view, understand, and manage their investment portfolios. This innovation continues to get attention and is considered as one of the major breakthroughs in contemporary finance.

2. Career Highlights and Achievements

Robert Arnott is not simply an entrepreneur, but a thought leader in finance. His role as the founder and chairman of Research Affiliates has positioned him as a significant contributor in the realm of asset management. Research Affiliates is globally recognized for its smart beta and asset allocation strategies, and its success speaks testament to Arnott’s leadership and strategic vision.

In addition to his successful entrepreneurial journey, Arnott has significantly contributed to the finance industry with his literary works. He has authored several books and published over 100 articles in reputable finance and academic journals. His writings span a variety of financial topics which are highly valued by professionals and scholars in the field.

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Arnott’s accomplishments extend beyond the corporate sphere and academia. He has been recognized with numerous industry awards for his impactful work. These awards not only appreciates the practical applications of his innovations, but they also acknowledge Arnott’s profound insights and dedication to advancing the field of finance.

3. Arnott’s Views on Strategic Asset Allocation

Robert Arnott is widely recognized for his deep insights and research on strategic asset allocation. He perceives this process not simply as a means of dividing investments among different asset classes, but as a sophisticated technique of balancing risk and performance potential.

One notable area of Arnott’s focus on this subject is his research into the effects of inflation on equities and bonds. He posits that understanding the relationship between inflation and asset performance can better inform strategic asset allocation decisions. His work in this area has made a strong case for incorporating inflation expectations into investment strategies.

Arnott’s perspective on strategic asset allocation offers an insightful framework for investors. By considering factors such as an economic footprint in deciding weights of assets and incorporating inflation estimates, he provides a fresh, adaptable approach to handling investments in ever-changing market conditions. His work continues to influence the ways investors and financial professionals manage their portfolios.


With his innovative approaches, significant contributions, and insightful perspectives, Robert Arnott has etched his name as an influential figure in finance. His pioneering work in fundamental indexation, role in Research Affiliates, and views on strategic asset allocation all reflect his commitment to pushing boundaries and enhancing our understanding within the ever-evolving world of finance.

Key Takeaways

  • Robert Arnott is a finance expert known for his innovative concept called “fundamental indexation”, which has challenged and changed traditional ideas in finance.
  • As the founder and chairman of Research Affiliates, Arnott’s vision and leadership have built a company globally recognized for its smart beta and asset allocation strategies.
  • Arnott has made significant contributions to the finance industry with his research, particularly in strategic asset allocation and the effects of inflation on equities and bonds.
  • Robert Arnott has made substantial contributions to finance literature, with several books and over 100 articles published in esteemed journals.
  • Arnott’s landmark work and insights have earned him numerous industry awards, showing the recognition he holds across the finance industry.
  • Related Questions

    1. What is Robert Arnott’s approach to asset allocation?

    Arnott views asset allocation as a sophisticated technique for balancing risk and performance. He believes in considering factors like economic footprint and inflation expectations in deciding the weights of investments.

    2. What makes Robert Arnott’s method of fundamental indexation distinctive?

    Arnott’s fundamental indexation is unique as it recommends that securities should be weighted by their economic impact, such as dividends, sales, earnings, and book value, rather than their market capitalization.

    3. How has Arnott contributed to literatures in finance?

    Arnott has enriched finance literature with several books and over 100 articles published in acclaimed finance and academic journals, exploring a plethora of financial topics.

    4. Why is Robert Arnott considered an influential figure in finance?

    With his innovative approaches, valuable research insights, and significant contributions as an entrepreneur and author, Arnott’s work has immensely shaped modern ideas in finance.

    5. What is the importance of Research Affiliates in Robert Arnott’s career?

    Research Affiliates, Arnott’s successful asset management firm, has allowed him to make influential contributions in the industry while showcasing his leadership and strategic vision.